Throwback: Dj XDC – Presents Much Luvv Records ‘Then… & Now!’ (Chopped & Screwed by DJ Primo) (Radio Promo Compilation)

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XDC Grafix - Mixtape Cover Much Luvv Now & Then

Mixtape TrackListing
1. Tre-9 – Suburbs (Remix) feat Lil Keke & Big Pokey
2. S.O.M – You Don’t Know Me Like That feat ICECE
3. ICECE – Streetz Keep Callin
4. CY – Stand Up
5. The Much Luvv Fam – Good News Music
6. Tre-9 – Won’t Stop feat ICECE & Von Won
7. S.O.M – What You Know feat Tre-9 & CY (Screwed & Chopped by Dj Primo)
8. ICECE – I’m So Throwed (Screwed & Chopped by Dj Primo)
9. CY – The Ring Leader
10. The Much Luvv Fam – ThisIsHowWeDoIt
11. Tre-9 – Take A Look At My Life (Screwed & Chopped by Dj Primo)
12. S.O.M – The Takeover feat Tre-9 (Screwed & Chopped by Dj Primo)
13. Tre-9 – Won’t Stop feat ICECE & Von Won (Screwed & Chopped by Dj Primo)
14. ICECE – What It Do (Screwed & Chopped by Dj Primo)
15. CY – Circus Tour feat J-Silas & R-Swift (Screwed & Chopped by Dj Primo)
16. Tre-9 – Suburbs (Remix) feat Lil Keke & Big Pokey (Screwed & Chopped by Dj Primo)
17. S.O.M – You Don’t Know Me Like That feat ICECE (Screwed & Chopped by Dj Primo)
18. Tre-9 – Right Or Wrong (Screwed & Chopped by Dj Primo)
19. ICECE – Represent That Dirty South (Screwed & Chopped by Dj Primo)
20. Tre-9 – Rise To The Top feat Von Won & BB Jay (Screwed & Chopped by Dj Primo)
21. The Much Luvv Fam – Good News Music (Screwed & Chopped by Dj Primo)
22. Tre-9 – Bob Yo Head feat Shei Atkins & S.O.M (Screwed & Chopped by Dj Primo)
23. S.O.M – Giving Much Luvv Back (Screwed & Chopped by Dj Primo)
24. Tre-9 – Put Ya Hands Up feat ColCutz & A-Ron(Screwed & Chopped by Dj Primo)
25. ICECE – Streetz Keep Callin (Screwed & Chopped by Dj Primo)
26. Tre-9 – Moving Up To The Suburbs feat Von Won & Ras (Screwed & Chopped by Dj Primo)
27. Enock – If It Aint So feat Sev Statik (Dj Aslan Remix)
28. Tre-9 – We Holdin Down (Exclusive)
29. CY – Bring The Bang feat Tre-9 (Throwback Joint)
30. Enock – Next Up feat Cy, Mark J, Tre-9 & ColCutz (Throwback Joint)
31. Tre-9 – We Hot Now (Exclusive)
32. Mark J – National Anthem (Throwback Joint)
33. CY – Confession Invasion (Throwback Joint)
34. Tre-9 – Hippocrit feat ColCutz (Throwback Joint)

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"Trailblazin’ Ministries: DJ XDC presents Much Luvv Records – Then… & Now! (Chopped & Screwed by Dj Primo)
Written by George Sly

Album Overview
Every now and then, I’m in the mood for something different. That’s exactly what I got from Much Luvv Records – Now… & Then! (Chopped & Screwed by Dj Primo) presented by DJ XDC. This mix tape of some of their radio singles and even a few of their up and coming releases were chopped and screwed by DJ Primo, who was serving in Afghanistan . Wow! Did you hear me? This man is not only serving our country but holding true to serving our God while in a war torn country. That’s standing up for the Lord against all odds!

This album put me in a good mood and reminded me that God speaks to us in so many different ways. The Much Luvv family all showed up on this project. Tre9, Icece, Colcutz, CY, Mark J, Von Won Enock, and S.O.M with special guests that include: J Johnson (formally J Silas), R-Swift, Lil Keke, Big Pokey, BB Jay, Ras, and more. So many artists with so many creative sounds, styles, and backgrounds give ‘Now…& Then!’ a stand alone status. This Houston based group uses this album to make worshipping the Lord, our God with music not only attractive but addictive to believers and non-believers alike.

Spiritual Significance
I personally feel that I understand the spiritual messages expressed by this project. However, I do feel the majority of listeners will get so caught up in the ‘role play’ style they use and miss the point. So, although I feel strongly that this album has a fairly heavy spiritual weight, I can see some people not get it. The message (for the most part) is hidden behind some slick metaphors and even at times seems to rely on the audience’s ability to receive information within a specific context. This might cause anyone unfamiliar with this group and hearing them for the first time think they are not as spiritually deep. If you can focus past this and really listen to what is being presented, you will figure out that what these artists try to do is present the truth of Jesus in a format that is just more creative and not less significant.

One common theme is that Much Luvv is making Christ centered Hip Hop the mainstream and not a hidden genre only out there for those seeking it. They want their music to play on the radio and bump the secular music on now to be the rarely heard. They talk about bringing change and going on missions, which is essential in creating disciples. I love how this album takes you on a real life journey through what that looks like on the streets and in the suburbs. As long as these cats stay grounded in Christ, their way of conveying his message will always be well received.

Topics Covered
Glorifying God with music, not ashamed to follow Jesus, losing friends because of your faith hits home with every believer. For the Much Luvv family it seems the most important topic they want to touch is making Jesus the rule and not exception. It becomes apparent from beginning to end of this album that making Jesus music the mainstream is one of the most important missions to making their music. Every song is centered on a spiritual principle. Subjects like, women who cop out to using their sexuality instead of their ability to walk out God’s word or to persevere and not quit, or even complaining when life gets tough are important to becoming mature in your faith. "I’m So Throwed" covers not being afraid to express your imperfections and being transparent to the world. These cats consistently express their own doubts, fears, and questions. By doing so, they show humbleness and understanding that as a believer you must use prayer to figure things out and lean on God’s word.
Not only do they talk about not selling your soul for the pleasures of the world, but also how you can’t allow where you are in life to change who you are in Christ. They take the time to send a message in love to other HHH artist. Sacrifice making money to make music for God. Much Luvv reminds us that we are royalty, so accept your inheritance. Only through Jesus can we be saved, so stick to the plan.

Key Tracks
The tracks that stand out to me are "Good News Music", "What you Know", and the "The Ring Leader". Other songs that made me rewind were "Suburbs (remix)", "Right or Wrong (screwed & chopped)", and my personal pick "Rise to the Top""

Source: Much Luvv Records – Now… & Then! – Review @ Trailblazin Ministries

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