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The Save Darfur Now Compilation : Holy Hip Hop Responds To The Genocide In Darfur

More about the project…

The Holy Hip Hop Foundation for Social Justice is an organization created to seek social justice for those affected by the tragedy in Darfur, to raise funds to help those in displacement camps and bring awareness to the genocide happening in Darfur right now.

The "Save Darfur Now Compilation : Holy Hip Hop Responds To The Genocide In Darfur" is the first compilation in a series that deal with social justice, civil rights issues and bring awareness to issues not often adressed in hip hop or even holy hip hop, but also to raise funds for organizations that are helping with the compilation topic.

Promo Mixtape
On www.myspace.com/HipHopSaveDarfurNowCompilation you can find info regarding this tragedy and download the free DJ XDC – The SaveDarfurNow Compilation : Promo Mix.

Driving Force
The Holy Hip Hop Foundation for Social Justice is an organization that Just paraDOX, also known as AddLibbz or DJ XDC, started to help those affected by the genocide in the Darfur region of Sudan. As he states about the idea: "After preparing to go on a mission trip to South Africa that never really worked out financially and watching movies ‘Black Hawk Down,’ ‘Hotel Rwanda,’ ‘The Devil Comes On Horse Back’ and ‘Darfur Now’ along with songs about the ‘Blood Diamonds’ of Sierra Leone God started to put it on my heart to look into what is really going on in Africa, to get involved & help those who are in need in Africa. I started to get involved with www.SaveDarfur.org."

As he continues: "After having multiple discussions with AppleJaxx, Lil Raskull, Propaganda, Poems & others about social justice and civil rights issues seldom adressed by the hip hop even the holy hip hop community God put it on my heart to start putting together a series of compilations that broaden the dialogue in holy hip hop to include social justice causes, bring awareness to these issues and at the same time raises funds for an organization involved in those affected by the topic."

"When you find out that 450,000 people have been slaughtered for no reason In Darfur and over 2.5 million have been displaced many into refuge camps where it takes up to 3-4 weeks sometimes to get food and tents it breaks your heart. I know that the shear reality of the tragedy to humanity has left me in intercession and mourning by the reality of all the women are raped, the villages shot up by government helicopter gun ships and then the government trained Janjiweed come in & slaughter men, women & children. China is the number one exporter of oil & fund the government of Sudan."

Many artists organizations, labels & artists are joining to help bring awareness. Some of the organizations and artists involved are JAG’D Edge Media, JEM Stone Promotions, Much Luvv Records, All Eyes On Me Achievement Awards, Sacred Apparel Clothing, NSI Nation, Illect Records, Damaged Visions, Propaganda & Raphi (of Tunnel Rats), Sojourn (of Future Shock), Sivion (of DeepSpace5), Atom The Immortal (of Secta 7), David 2.0 & AppleJaxx (of Nureau Ink), Enmity (of Cape Town, Sout Africa), Sevin (of HOG MOB), Von Won, Minister RMB, Ras, Tre-9, SOM (Soldiers On a Mission), CY, Just paraDOX, Mr Ren, DJ Sean P, Versatile, Twisted Optiks, Nate G, Tha Heata, Nate G, LitaRodi, TRIGGA, Bigg Moose, theBREAX, Name Brand, Afaar, Nomis, Reg Henry, ColCutz, John Orozco & Gina Gross.

For more information about the conflict, please visit:
- en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Darfur_conflict
- www.savedarfur.org.

Source for this article provided here: http://www.hhhdb.com/?id=1264#The%20Save%20Darfur%20Now%20Compilation%20:%20Holy%20Hip%20Hop%20Responds%20To%20The%20Genocide%20In%20Darfur

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